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  • Question: Hiiiii I really looovee badmiton (omg). So I just got really curious idk, can you tell me something about you, like which country are you from and are you like a trainer or something? XD - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I’m currently living in Canada. I had played badminton competitively for 3 years before University. Every Summer break, I used to go to South Korea and train there everyday for 2 months. I’m a NCCP Level 1 Certified Coach. I started as a Singles player for my high school team, now I’m very much only playing Doubles but rarely do I get the time to play badminton nowadays.

  • Question: Do you have any advice toward doubles partners that just can't get to sync? Like my partner and I can't seem to get in the same page sometimes. Thanks! - tye-dyeranitar
  • Answer:

    Start from the very bottom simple stuff.

    Defend? 1-1 Split, take care of your own side

    Offense? Forward and Back position

    it may be very useful to say things aloud like “DEF” “OFF”


I always say: If you can’t get there, you will never be able to hit it in the first place.


Which one do you guys prefer?





There is one question I have, this is one thing that has always stumped me. Since I am a singles player, I don’t know that much about doubles, but I am considering playing doubles sometime. My question is, what is back-to-back? because there is a layout where there is one player in the back and one in front, and there is a layout where the two players are side by side. Can you explain this to me? 

Answer: back to back = offensive (player in the back smashing)

side by side = defending from enemy smashes (so you can cover all the court)

  • Question: What would you say is the best all-round badminton shoes? - zandersa
  • Answer:

    yonex shoes are really solid

  • Question: when im waiting to get the serve, what should my stance look like? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    singles: relaxed arms by ur side feet moderately apart, just be ready to receive anything (high or low serve)

    doubles: ready to pounce stance slightly leaning forward to receive short serves since high serves in double is a free smash to the enemys face

  • Question: any basic/general way of using a backhand shot? i feel like i m not consistent and i mess it up most of the times. - humanf0lly
  • Answer:

    theres no basic way because backhand is probably the most complex shot ever in badminton, wrist rotation, elbow position, foot position, and it’s all very situational.

  • Question: I am wondering if you have any tips for form. I always look so awkward. Like whenever i turn back to clear or smash, i look like i'm stumbling. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    stay on the balls of your feet.

    don’t be lazy.

  • Question: Do you have any tips for building power? My smashes never have that *thwack* kind of sound, and they look more like drops than smashes. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    practice. power means nothing without control

  • Question: Do you have any tips for competitions? I always get so nervous and freak out whenever i have to play against someone for points. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    keep calm. play badminton.

    no for real tho…just play like you do in training or just imagine you are just playing another game of badminton

Bad-Ass Lin Dan.

Bad-Ass Lin Dan.

  • Question: My footwork needs a lot of work, I always seem to be one step too late. Do you have any tips for increasing speed? Also, what pattern of footwork would be beneficial for a female in mixed doubles? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    female would need to work mostly on the side to side motion as you will be in the front getting all the netshots, the importance here is stepping on the heel first then the toes whenever you land on your foot for forehand shots. if you land straight on the toes first you will have alot of pressure on your knees, so always heel then toes like a lever. being late is just you not being prepared enough, you have to stay on the balls of your feet in order to move fast.

  • Question: Just wondering is it necessary for me to wear my badminton shoes for my school team? - asianpersuasian88
  • Answer:

    yes if you don’t want to lose your ankles. I busted my right ankle with the correct official Yonex badminton shoes so there is absolutely no good reason not to wear proper badminton shoes.

  • Question: how long have u played badminton? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    ~5 years